Canoeing on Indian Lake, NY

Tired of camping cheek-to-cheek in noisy, crowded campgrounds? Indian Lake offers a peaceful alternative with widely separated campsites where you can listen to loons, barred owls, and whip-poor-wills calling at night, instead of to neighbors’ televisions. At 14 miles long, narrow and scenic, Indian Lake nestles among the sculpted cliffs and forested hillsides of the Adirondack peaks. Many people come to Indian Lake for week long camping.

Consequently, we avoid the lake on the busiest holiday weekends, even though the lake’s great size can accommodate a lot of boat traffic. Under calm or modest wind conditions, the lake offers wonderful paddling opportunities, with many bays, inlets, protected coves, and islands to explore. However, when the wind blows strongly from any direction, the surrounding hillsides funnel the wind, raising whitecaps and two- to four-foot swells, making paddling extremely hazardous.